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Om Sweet Om Yoga 

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    LIVESTREAM TIPS FOR                      SUCCES 

~ Zoom ID : 525-582-7676

   Zoom Passcode : Aloha808!

~ There is nothing like teaching and taking class in person. There is no doubt about that. However, under this unprecedented times the globe is going through, I'm finding this option a wonderful one. I haven't been as consistent in my practice as I am now and I haven't feel this good in a long time.

 I'm sharing this tips that will enhance your virtual experience.

~ If you are new to OM sweet OM please introduce yourself. I will gratefully appreciate it !

~ Your camera ON or OFF is your choice. However if I can see your poses, I may be able to give you cues more one on one and keep you motivated and cheer you up.

~ If we don't know each other or it's your first time taking class with me, I will ask you to please identify yourself preferable with the camera on, or a least with the audio mic. 

~ Try to log in to Zoom  a least 5 minutes before class starts. I will connect to zoom 15 min prior class begins.

~ Even though a phone could be enough as a device, I recommend an Ipad, laptop, computer monitor or TV.

~ Try to set up a space in your house where you can relax your body and mind. If possible create a little space with some Zen vibe or any vibe that appeals to you.

All it takes is a set of mind.

~ You are welcome to play your favorite music as your background.

~ It could be very easy for you to accidentally unmute your device during class. If you hear another mic on while class is happening, please double check yours to make sure you are still muted.

~ When I take a virtual class, I use my AirPods which moffles a little the sounds around me and intensifies the audio quality. 

~ And remember that Zoom is actually not made for this use. So if at any time you get disconnected, don't give up ! Just jump back in and make sure you do so muting your Mic. Also, it has happened that the audio from my end could get a bit rocky at times. Don't give up, relax, and if you see that you are not the only one having the issue and If I don't seem aware of it, feel free to unmute yourself to let me know, so I can try to fix it. 

~ The experience you will have depends on the quality of your attention. Direct and re direct your awareness to the present state as many times as needed during's a practice, like everything else !

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