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Om Sweet Om Yoga 

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                                                                                                   CLASS INFO 

OM SWEET OM YOGA with Ami Herzer offers different styles of classes, however, the schedule may variate each week. Here is a brief description. For all classes, you will need a yoga mat, water, a hand towel plus extra optional props you may want to add to each class as described below. Classes are welcome to all levels. Variations and modifications will be offered and welcomed. 


VINYASA FLOW 60min. ~ yoga style linking breath with movement inspired on Vinyasa Flow & Power Yoga lineage. Vigorous, athletic as well as meditative. Working on finding a balance between effort and ease. Learning how to work steadily, but gently. It works the entire body. Strengthens the heart and lungs. Improves the functions of the vital organs, builds up strength and flexibility while oxygenating the whole body. Increases mental, physical, and emotional balance. There are so many more benefits to add on, but just to name a few.

If it is in your practice to use yoga blocks, you are welcome to have them handy.


VIN & YIN 60min. ~ this class starts with a slower-paced Vinyasa Flow for about half of the time with minimal or optional chaturangas , then slows down to a Yin Yoga inspired style, which is a relaxing and meditative yet powerful flavor by long and deep holds in poses on the floor, working with time, gravity, breathing, energy, stillness, and PATIENCE! 

PROPS like yoga blocks and blankets ( thick books, rolled blankets, pillows, etc ) can be a great support and are optional​.

HATHA FUSION 60min. ~ this class is an all levels welcome with a flavor from Traditional Hot Yoga Series and an Ashtanga touch. It's not as demanding as a Flow. You can make it as intense or not as you wish. I will give you the tools to modify as needed. You will work the entire body. Detoxifying mind and body. This format is a fusion of many styles that will be a basic practice keeping the sequence consistent. " Repetition leads us to mastery ". A great class to prep for Flow and for anyone starting a yoga journey for the first time, yet could be challenging for those with experience as well.

YIN YOGA 60min. ~ this class is a fusion between traditional Chinese medicine and Yoga poses. Holding passive floor poses for long periods of time, surrendering to gravity force, and allowing time to slowly target the deep connective tissue of the body as well as learning the art of relaxing practicing acceptance and patience. This class style combined with Hatha Fusion an/or Vinyasa Flow or with any other work out you do can become the prescription of HEALING YOURSELF! And I'm not saying this by the book. I am sharing it from my own personal experience !!!!!! For this class PLEASE have either yoga blocks, bolsters, blankets, or homemade props like books, cushions, pillows, or rolled blankets. A soft background relaxing music can be an amazing touch.

TABATA & SUPER SET BURN 60min. ~ this class will target the entire body. We will use the Tabata style and Super Sets format after warming up with some yoga moves. The Tabata timer will lead us 20sec ON and 10sec OFF. A very efficient fitness format that will strengthen and tone muscles while targeting the cardiorespiratory system. Burning many calories and leaving you energized and  burning calories all day long. Also releasing endorphins , a natural chemical that the body produces that makes you feel happy ! We will cool down with some yoga moves at the end.

WEIGHTS are optional, however, it will add on a great benefit to the workout. I have hand weights and ankle weights. Even light ones could be great. You can use food cans, water bottles, etc. You could use an extra towel to lay down at times  for this class. Get ready to sweat and burn !

More classes style coming up as we organically evolve together. My overall teaching style is inspired in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha Fusion, Hot Yoga Traditional Series, Pranayama, Meditation, PiYo, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Fitness, Mantra, Subtle Anatomy, Vin & Yin, Yoga Philosophy, Guided Relaxation, Chakra Opening, Nidra, Tabata Burn. 

See you at the magic carpet where there are no limits, where there are power, peace, strength, healing and love, presence, and realization. The inner work leading us to an unlimited field of new possibilities and opportunities. More classes style coming up as we organically evolve together.


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