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Om Sweet Om Yoga 

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Wishing this message finds you happy, at peace, safe and with an ALOHA STATE OF MIND AND HEART !~ which BTW this is what Yoga means to me!

As most of you know I created Om sweet Om when the pandemic started as a space to connect and to share my yoga practice with my Family & Friends, my community. As time went by, the situation turned into a long term circumstance which evolved in me not being able to teach in person. So from mid march 2020 I kept meeting live & virtually with an amazing group of beings to whom I am very thankful. We motivated each other and we kept our practice on, solid and consistent week by week.


 Through the pandemic time my classes were free of cost completely. They were and still are my offering to our community during the  uncertain times we all were and are going through due to COVID.

After a long journey, I now accept donations through Venmo @ Amancay-Herzer. They are not required/expected , yet appreciated and welcome in any form. 


I wish to share with our community the wonders that yoga practice is gifting me with!

Yoga makes my life epic, easier, more loving, more miraculous, more fulfilling, more meaningful, more joyful working in all of my layers: physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. 

Life is like a stream of events, stories, impression, memories, situations, obstacles, happiness, challenges, thoughts, sensations, perceptions, emotions and feelings.........some times it is a soft and peaceful one.....all of the sadden it can transform into a stronger river....and some other times from one moment to another, it can become a powerful waterfall and maybe without even expecting it, it slows down again into a restful stream of peace. For me the beauty of Yoga is to practice how to bend so we don't break. How to adjust ourselves, rather than expecting for the external world to adjust to us. There is where our power, wisdom, growth, and strength are!

Feel free to share with anyone who could benefit from these Health Sessions!


 Make sure to double check the schedule; some week's classes styles/times may be different from others. If you would like to contact me my number is 808-381-7276. I am always gladly available for texts/calls if you have any questions, doubts, sharing, laughter, or RSVP ( appreciated but not required ).

I would like to MAHALO NUI LOA - THANK YOU VERY MUCH ! for your company. It has been very powerful for me to share my passion with you. Each of you inspires me tremendously.


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