Om sweet Om Yoga welcomes all levels of students and provides a variety of classes for those interested in training the mind and body with correct knowledge to inform the physical practices. Providing service to our amazing local Talent residents as well as the surrounding areas. Coming to Talent is worth the small drive, you’re invited to experience the difference!

Om Sweet Om is a dream come true for director Melissa Cooley, to provide a sanctuary space for yoga  and meditation, beyond the mat training and the rich time tested knowledge base that has the ability to transform and support our human life to experience true health and wellness, as it was meant to be!

On going classes, as well as in depth studies through the SCHOOL OF YOGA programs enable students to experience YOGA not only as an exercise class, which misrepresents the richness of the teachings,  rather as a method to train the mind as well as the body to nourish the SOUL.

Building a Sanctuary for IN DEPTH STUDY as Southern Oregon’s Premier School of  Yoga with programs, series and courses for all ages, that are available for those interested in more insight into the key factors that inform the practice:  Ayurvedic Influences, Foundational Alignment, Energetic Awareness Training for Subtle Bodies and Yoga for Emotional Body Intelligence plus hosting amazing guest teachers! Thank you for all the community support to enable the studio to grow!

108 S. Market  (*near Rays Market) 

PO Box 113  Talent, OR 97540